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Do you envision safe travel on our streets and roadways for children and adults while walking, running, or cycling? If so, please consider a tax-deductible donation to help us accomplish our goals.

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who we are

We are your Lake Norman area advocacy group for safer streets.
Streets are not only for motorized vehicles. They are transportation pathways used by cars, motorcycles, trucks, cyclists, and pedestrians. We exist to make these streets safer for all users.

Street Access For Everyone, Lake Norman (SAFE) is a 501(c)(3) born out of a need to increase the safety of cyclists and pedestrians on our local roadways. This occurred following a spate of accidents involving local cyclists, including the death of a local cyclist, and several local pedestrians.

SAFE was established in January 2020 and received non-profit status in October 2020. We work with local law enforcement and municipal governments as well as State organizations (e.g., BikeLawNC) to educate motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians.

our mission

  • To encourage and drive advocacy for the safety of all road users throughout the Lake Norman Area.
  • To effectively collaborate with town councils and law enforcement in the Lake Norman area.
  • To drive positive change and improvements for our current and future road users.

our vision

To make our Lake Norman Area a safer place for all road users including car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, eBike users, pedestrians, kids on bikes, and moms with strollers.

our activities

  • Attending Town Council Meetings.
  • Collaborating with Law Enforcement.
  • Collaborating with local driving school(s).
  • Working with local town advisory boards (e.g., Cornelius Transportation Advisory Board).
  • Clearing road signs to increase visibility. 
  • Replacing all “Share the Road” signs with Bikes May Use Full Lane “BMUFL” signs in local towns.
  • Collaborating to improve infrastructures.
  • Educating all road users regarding current NC DOT laws.

Collaborating with local towns regarding specific pedestrian and cycling safety issues.

our future goals

  • Increase awareness of safety issues across all Lake Norman municipalities,
  • Continue to assist local towns and counties in improving road safety,
  • Have a presence at local town-sponsored civic and social events,
  • Create educational materials through various platforms and outreach activities to increase user compliance on our streets,
  • Extend outreach to towns through their social media
  • Improve awareness and increase education through radio, TV, signs at the DMV, etc.).

Signage Replacement

"Bikes May Use Full Lane" signs are being installed in Mooresville. Davidson and Cornelius. We're currently working with Huntersville and Statesville as well. Thank you to these towns for working with us to get this done.

What representatives support cycling safety

We plan to ask local North Carolina politicians a handful of questions related to their position on pedestrians and cycling laws and safety.
Their responses will be shown here.