Attendance at our First Big Event

We had a great time making people aware of SAFE’s presence during packet pickup for the LKN Fondo. The event was on Sunday August 8th, 2021.

On Saturday August 7th we attended packet pickup at Spirited Cyclist in Davidson, NC for The Lake Norman Fondo. A charity bike ride with over 550 participants. We were able to reach a lot of people on Saturday. 

Many of whom had no idea who we were, or that we existed to make them SAFE.

We met a lot of great people who were very happy to learn about us and what we were doing for the cycling and pedestrian communities on our streets.

On Sunday August 8th, 2021 we were right back at it. The tent was us and ready to go on the Green in Downtown Davidson for the event. Once again we met a lot of great people who were happy to know we were working for them behind the scenes to make cycling a little safer.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by to see us and chat.