Kannapolis plans for inclusive future of Cyclists and Pedestrians

new bikes lanes in Kannapolis, NC

https://www.kannapolisnc.gov/Community/Jiggy-With-the-PiggyHave you ever routinely commuted through a town and suddenly noticed something new?  Like a new and freshly painted Bike Lane, or Bike Sharrows, or Bike Lane street sign.  Recently I was driving though Kannapolis, NC on my way to a middle school basketball game.  As I cruised up Loop Rd. by the research center, crossed N. Main onto Lane St. I noticed a new Bike Lane sign. It was followed by freshly painted bike lanes in both directions. Bike Sharrows were painted approximately every 75 feet. The new additions continued across Hwy 29 towards I-85.

Later, I couldn’t help thinking what else might I have missed. Is there more to it, and if so, let’s find out. I reached out to Richard Smith (Kannapolis City Planner) and was quickly invited over for a meeting. This turned into a meeting to learn more about the infrastructure plans and share some of the successes of S.A.F.E. LKN.

Kannapolis has made great strides with the downtown revitalization as of late. The efforts attracted a slew of new residents. Many of the younger generation, work from home employees, and those wanting a short commute into Charlotte. Add all of this up, and you have an environment where people like to get out, be active, and engage in downtown activities without using a car.

The revitalization plan will continue to make great improvements to local streets and highways.  Highway 3 (Mooresville Highway) is nearly complete.Sidewalks have been installed on both sides of the road from Kannapolis Hwy, all the way into downtown. Bike lanes will follow once final paving is ready.

The street revamps utilized a model of “Street Diet”.  Simple explanation for this is to take an under-utilized Four lane rd., add a median with street scapes, and install bike lanes on both sides. A great way to expand the streets to cars and cyclists to accommodate alternative forms of transportation.

Lane St. is currently well under progress and near completion. Rogers Lake Rd., and Vance St. will see new changes occurring soon.  Little Texas Rd. will see a new 7ft wide sidewalk extending 1.5 miles in the spring of 2023.

We look forward to being more involved with the City of Kannapolis. Our S.A.F.E. LKN group will attend the Jiggy with a Piggy town event in May, 2023.Stop by the S.A.F.E. Tent to see how you can get involved and help make a difference in Kannapolis.