What are we up to?

We currently have several things going on. This group has been working hard with local town offices, businesses, and police departments to bring safer streets to the Lake Norman area.

Here’s a list of some of the things we’re working on right now:

  • Our board of directors have been nominated and voted in.
    • President – Kevin Elder
    • Vice President – Jason Happe
    • Secretary – Jennifer Senos
    • Treasurer – Jean-Pierre Riou
    • Community Liaison Officer – Nicole Van Baelen
    • Vice Secretary – Ruth Yoash-Gantz
    • 2nd Vice President – Scott McConnell
  • We have applied for nonprofit status through the IRS and the State of North Carolina and are currently submitting information as needed for that process. We’re hoping to complete this within 2-3 months time.
  • Our website is still undergoing updates and changes but is up and running at https://safelkn.com 
  • We’re still working with local towns to replace the confusing “Share The Road” signs with the clearer “May Use Full Lane” signs. Towns have been very receptive to this idea.
  • ICATS has donated the use of the back of one of their busses for a wrap we can use to advertise our cause and we have secured a sponsor to pay for the cost of the wrap. We’re currently working to bring that to fruition.
  • We are working to partner with Livable Meck. Who is Livable Meck? Livable Meck is bringing together residents, local governments, nonprofits and businesses in Mecklenburg County to develop a unified vision that gives voice to our commonly-held aspirations. Together, these public and private stakeholders have worked to develop a unified plan that presents a community-driven, stakeholder-vetted and local-government-endorsed blueprint designed to support the livability of Mecklenburg County now and in the future.
  • We’re organizing the 2020 Ride of Silence to honor our friends who have been killed or injured while riding. This ride is a nationwide event and will be held on May 20, 2020 at 7:00 pm. More details on this ride will be made available soon. Check our website often for updates.
  • We are working with local schools to educate future motorists on how to properly pass cyclists safely. The most effective way for us to change the perception of pedestrians and cyclists on streets is to teach our youth.

Being Heard

At the last town meetings in Mooresville and Davidson we presented our justification for replacing “Share The Road” signs with “May Use Full Lane” signs. We also shared crash stats for Iredell county and Mecklenburg counties respectively.

We will continue to attend town meetings every month and present new facts and requests of our town managers to make our streets SAFE for all users. We would encourage you to attend your local town meetings as well. Make yourself seen and heard. Change happens when you stand up.

Keeping Up To Date

We will post an update like this on a regular basis to keep you informed of what this advocacy group is going and to let you know what you can do to help as well.