April 2020


The regular meeting of SAFE was called to order at 4:41 pm on April 5, 2020 via Webex meeting facilitated by Kevin Elder, President and Jennifer Senos, Secretary 


Scott McConnell

Ruth Yoash-Gantz

Scott Higgins

Kevin Elder

Nicole Van Baelen

Jenn Senos

Erika Martin

JP Riou

Laura Calvin

Richard Kirkman

Ann Groninger

Will Washam

Brad Johnson


Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the March 8, 2020 meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues /Unfinished Business 

  1. Nonprofit update (Kevin)
    1. Legal Zoom docs are in the process of being completed
    2. We need to put together a detailed list of our goals and plans for the group to submit  
    3. Detailed list is more than our mission statement, more involved, may need to put together a small group
    4. Funding for the nonprofit is already done.
  2.  Bus Wrap
    1. Not much of an update due to everything shutting down due to Covid-19
    2. We still need to work on a Slogan (Will has agreed to help with that)
    3. We still need to make sure the sponsor is still able to donate the funds for the wrap.
    4. Right now the sponsor is paying for the first wrap.  We will have to do some fundraising to get additional wraps.
  3. Partnership with Livable Meck (Kevin / Nicole)
    1. Kevin mentioned that he had a phone call with them and that it would be a great idea for Liveable Meck to do a spotlight on the group and what we are doing. It would allow us to get our name and mission out in the public.
    2. Scott H. asked that when Kevin and Nicole speak with them again, we need to find out if they are working with anyone else that has similar ideas as we do and how this would play in how we are reaching out to the community. 
  4. Video (Nicole)
    1. Due to Covid, there really isn’t much going on.
    2. Nicole mentioned the video to Thomas Lanahan (Videographer).  He wasn’t sure as of today due to the lack of work during the virus.  
    3. We all agree the video needs to have some well know people example: Nascar drivers to help us promote what our mission is.
    4. Nicole was nice enough to share the video to the group that she was using for promoting our mission.
  5. Yellow Vests / House Signs
    1. Nicole contacted Ben Baker and we do have options in regards to vests and other visibility items
    2. Nicole spoke with Jeff V. person he uses for the signs.  Right now the cost is better then we previously noted.  But right now this is all on hold.  We will need to do some fundraising for these items.  
  6. Driving School – Everything is on hold right now.
  7. Pledge
    1. Scott H. has handed it to Cornelius drafthouse and D9 groups.
    2. Kevin plans to post it on the MAC page.
  8. Ride of Silence (Laura/Nicole)
    1. Everything is on hold.  Ride of silence will most likely not take place. 
    2. Location and route was mapped out with the Town of Huntersville
    3. Looking at options on what we can do
    4. Virtual ride (which will not make sense) because the point is that cyclist are visible and are on the roads.
    5. Maybe do a charity ride?




  1. Clearing of signs on roads
  2. No police meeting due to Covid
  3. Town Council meetings taking place?
    1. Scott H. mentioned that Cornelis are having their meeting remotely.  
    2. Funding may be stalled due to the Covid 19 crisis.
    3. There will most likely be a Pre/Post Covid 19 budget
    4. We still need to make sure that Government officials know that the bike safety is still very important which means during this hard time we need to make sure we are not forgotten. 
    5. Ground work needs and can be done NOW!



New Business


  1. Membership into the group?
    1. Richard K. Asked about if we had membership options outside of the members that are part of this group now?
    2. It would be great to have other community members ex:Local Government, Bike Groups, Local bike shops etc.  When we speak to larger groups of people having other members will give us a leg up.  
    3. Public membership would be beneficial.  We could do a $20 fee with an option to donate more.  
    4. Membership for the group should be for all types, for example, including runners and walkers.  
    5. Advertise to all people
  2. We need to start looking into fundraising and grant options.  Examples would be People for Bikes etc. 
  3. Mooresville Bike Plan (Erika)
    1. Bike plan approved
    2. We are in the process of identifying our goals
    3. Safety campaign – Distracted Drivers


Agenda for Next Meeting – Date TBD




Meeting was adjourned at 6:08 pm by Kevin Elder, President . The next general meeting will be determined at a future date


Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Senos
Approved by:Name