August 2020

Start time of meeting: 6:40PM


In attendance: Kevin Elder, Ruth Yoash-Gantz, Erika Martin, Laura Calvin, Nicole VanBaelen, Scott Higgins. 


Approval of previous meeting minutes: Approved with correction: Nicole was present at the 6/1/2020 meeting.


Agenda Items:

  1. NASCAR video. Nicole: no update from Eric yet. Things hectic with NASCAR so haven’t gotten the video.  
  2. NASCAR driving classes. Nicole: classes are virtual now. Woman sent Nicole video of classes and Nicole may try to make a video or send us a proposal for making a video.
  3. Quote for signs. Nicole: Price for 5 ($23.00/sign, plus stakes and shipping), 10 ($14.74/sign), 25 ($7.37/sign),and 50 signs ($5.74/sign). Signs are made of corrugated PVC. Nicole sent us a picture. She will buy 25 signs. Stakes $.91 per. Kevin has a bunch of stakes for MAC and we could use those. Discussed price to sell the signs at $20. Advertise them on the FB page, through MAC and other sites. 
  4. Davidson Liveability Board. Scott: some of the committees have been disbanded. Will check with Jane about this. 
  5. Update on Cornelius. Scott: working with the Town of Cornelius and Police Department regarding education, enforcement, signage and infrastructure. Ran into snags with DOT. Education component will be done through social media blitz. Other change was in signage. Scott helped identify 8 hazardous sites in Cornelius for cyclists and met with Transportation Advisory Board to ensure that cyclists are included in TAB. Had a special meeting with Town Manager, Town Planner, Mayor Pro-Tem and Law Enforcement regarding where to put the signs. Conrnelius Signage monies will be an amendment to the 2021 budget.
  6. Police locating speeders. Scott: met with police re: sites to locate speeders affecting cyclists and educating young officers about the importance of this. 
  7. Safety issues with COVID and runners/cyclists. Nicole: safety issues with walkers and runners jumping on the road due to social distancing and causing cyclists to crash. Scott added that this is the same issue on Jetton Rd. Passengers in parked cars and opening doors into cyclist traffic is another issue raised by Scott, who stopped and educated the woman. Nicole added that she has educated cyclists as well. We all agreed that it is difficult to educate some cyclists. Ruth added that this may improve when group rides and club rides resume again after pandemic. There will be improved cohesion. 
  8. Status of non-profit. Kevin: We submitted the application but got push-back because they interpreted one response as us persuading government officials. They were concerned that we were lobbyists. Kevin re-wrote the response to indicate that our efforts are to educate, not persuade. Kevin then received word that the application was being submitted for 501c3 status. So now waiting for the IRS to approve it. 
  9. Town of Mooresville handouts. Erika: Shared that Town of Mooresville has a new handout that Mooresville Police Department will use. “Mind your Ps and Qs” concept. Similar campaign for elementary school children. 
  10. Mooresville signage and NC COT. Erika: Still trying to get signs. Kathy Meadows has been pushing to get those made. She is continuing to push NC DOT. They have to approve the exact location. Scott added that he is dealing with the same in Cornelius re: NC DOT. Approval, money and delay are the issues. NC DOT panelist was negative toward Scott regarding signage. NC DOT has no money and despite Cornelius having $3m in approved projects, there is no money from NC DOT to complete the projects. Erika agreed regarding same issues in Mooresville. 
  11. Town Monies. Scott: towns do have “some” monies for sidewalks, etc. 
  12. Local Town police department meetings.  Scott: would like to get all the police departments together for a discussion. Ruth suggested we wait until we can do in-person. 
  13. SAFE presence. Scott: we need to push that SAFE is for all the towns. Kevin added that we need to keep the FB SAFE page more active. 
  14. Greenway signage. Scott: put a sign out on the greenway. Got the attention of others.