June 2021

Call to Order: 7:33 pm

Present: Kevin Elder, Scott Higgins, Ruth Yoash-Gantz, Andrea Lima, Jeff Viscount, John Finney, Scott McConnell, Erika Martin, Nicole Van Baelan, Patricia Mukhtar

Andrea’s last meeting, moving to Albuquerque, NM August 2021

Patricia Mukhtar first meeting, taking over Treasurer position

Updates/Old business

  1. John Finney: QR code on table to solicit and obtain contributions
    1. Put QR on brochure, leads to website for more information, with easy button to ‘donate now’ or “How Can You Help?” page on SAFE website.
    2. Plastic stand-up displays, 5×7 or 8×10, wind resistant
    3. Stickers with website on paper backing, QR code on front
  2. Pamphlets – What is SAFE, what aiming to do, encourage donations, point people to website
    1. Committee to create pamphlet: Ruth and Nicole (has started)
    2. John Finney has sponsor for printing brochure.
    3. Goal: Respond to draft in 1 week.
    4. Pamphlets in local businesses
  3. Keep SAFE website updated,
    1. Allow public to sign up for blog updates from SAFE.
    2. Allow all board members to post blogs independently (Kevin). SAFE members will do the work for donations (blog content)
    3. Place to capture folks on website for donations using Pay Pal account
    4. In exchange, mention on FB or logo on SAFE website
    5. Scott Higgins, Scott McConnell and John Finney– suggest a more focused and specific goal statement, mission statement, accomplishments, define what money is used for, develop ‘elevator pitch’
    6. Jeff Viscount – keep simple, explain mission, trying to make roads safer for vulnerable users (bikes, pedestrian).
    7. Develop media for public education about bike and pedestrian safety in LKN area
    8. Advertising about BMUFL signs, awareness, stickers, pedestrian issues
    9. Link to FB page.
    10. Maintaining a steady stream of content is toughest part. Blogging is key: Good content, easy media, easy to share. Slack is place where can drop information/blogs/articles/accomplishments that members of SAFE write.
      1. BikewalkNC- provide regional support for state level, such as contributory negligence: A bill making stand-alone bike-ped projects affordable so towns can apply for them. A key source of content
      2. Ann’s website (ask her to share content)
      3. Scott Higgins about all he’s been doing in Cornelius, tell his story
    11. Wrap bus: Is sponsor still on board? Kevin to email contact and see if sponsor still on board to pay. What content to put on bus, what want to say, distilled tag line.
    12. Follow up on vandalized signs being fixed/cleaned or replaced
      1. Erika: Does town of Mooresville maintain signs? Can reach out for maintenance. One on Shearers Road, next to Smokey J’s BBQ
    13. Share the Road (STR) signs. Can they be replaced?
      1. Still on Brawley School Rd (BSR) near the Point.
      2. Both ways on Morrison Plantation (3 each way).
      3. No bike lanes on BSR after Chuckwood.
      4. STR signs on Langtree, but no bike lane there.
      5. Jeff Viscount mentioned confusion having 2 different signs, like with sharrows. BMUFL is the law. Consistency is key.
      6. Public works manager made decision to not replace STR with BMUFL. Wait to ‘push’ him since he is cooperating by putting up some signs. Add to Mooresville Bike Plan board, notifying Heather. Next meeting 22 July, public drop-in session. Sept/Oct end date for plan.


  1. Bank balance- 3 donations made. 2-$100, 1-$50. $478.97 balance.


  1. BOD insurance – Kevin emphasizing importance


Meeting Adjourned: 9:02 pm


Next meeting:

February 2021

Call to order: 7:04 pm

Attendance (* Present)

Board members: Kevin Elder (P)*, Scott McConnell (VP)*,  Ruth Yoash-Gantz (VS)*, Andrea Lima (S)*, Tara Owens (T), Nicole Van Baelan* (Community Liaison)

Members at large (MAL): Jeff Viscount, Erika Martin*, Laura Calvin, Scott Higgins*, John Finney*, CJ Juaquin

Approval of November 2020 meeting minutes 7:06pm

Updates/Old business


Scott M. and Kevin attended Huntersville Greenway Trail and Bikeway Committee (GTBC ) meeting, agree with SAFE mission. Mayor voiced interest in SAFE.

  1. Get links to SAFE informational articles to contact Tracy.
  2. Emails to Statesville and Troutman but no response yet. John Finney volunteered to assist with contacts in Statesville.
  3. Nick Walsh, Huntersville commissioner and cyclist supportive
  4. Next: Speak with town planners to make recommendations to board. Dave Hill and Anthony Roberts, town planners.

BOD insurance – important to get done. Current company $450-500/year for MAC. Scott M. to speak with wife.

Ads on Facebook : Donor wants to pay to run ads for SAFE

Update SAFE website, more content.

  1. Info on signs: Use FAQ from town of Cornelius
  2. Links to articles in LKN area with more information, previously published notes from towns, place links on SLACK
  3. News of Davidson – weekly email
  4. Amanda Preston, public information officer (PIO) town of Davidson
  5. Update town planner list on SLACK

Scott H

Working on dangerous intersections

SAFE MAL CJ Juaquin appointed to Transportation Advisory Board in March

BOD insurance quote double what Keven has for MAC

Scott M

Focus on Denver, reach out to contacts

When is next Mooresville board of commissioner’s meeting?

John Finney – has contact at Blood, Sweat, and Gears in Denver


Reviewed, edited and approved sponsorship/donation letter

Create trifold brochure with SAFE information, letter, take to local businesses to solicit donations.

New SLACK channel for list of companies, SAFE members add names:

  • Autobody shops
  • Nascar
  • Headquarters, such as Lowes
  • Law groups
  • Gibbs Racing – Scott Higgins
  • Bike shops

Andrea – Street sweeper out on Brawley School Road during rain. Erika to contact town to see if can redo

Scott H:

  1. Update, meeting with the Town of Huntersville regarding the BMUFL sign
  2. Additional remote meeting with local law enforcement. Keep focused on specific topics. Send ideas to Andrea. Possible topics:
    1. Ann Groninger with Bike Law, local attorney specializes in bike crashes. Presentation regarding laws, kick off meeting for end of March 2021. SAFE to sponsor. Kevin to contact for availability.
      1. Pocket cards police carry, being sent to Kevin by Ann Groninger
      2. Training session for officers
    2. BMUFL signs – messaging/education for signs – Scott H.
    3. What things on town agenda/initiatives – Scott H.
    4. John – reach out to Hwy Patrol, manages the end of Brawley School Rd (BSR)
    5. Educate new officers due to turnover in departments
    6. COVID has increased nonmotorized street traffic, how to ensure continues after pandemic.
    7. Show police support SAFE. Erika to provide list of police officers who attended last SAFE meeting


Guests: None

 Tabled Topics

Bus ad

Donated tent

Advertisements at local DMV offices

Yard signs

Sponsorships: Guidelines should be in writing. Goal: by the time group rides resume in 2021.

Accounting supplies needed (file folders, file box)

Research grants

Erika – Stewart Basham, to verify he is over Zone 9/Davidson and if he covers Cornelius

Meeting Adjourned: 8:39pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 7pm – 8:30pm

November 2020


Minute Meeting Minutes: Wednesday 11/18/2020 via Zoom

 Call to order @ 7:07 pm

 Attendance (*Present)

Board members: Kevin Elder (P)*, Scott McConnell (VP)*, Ruth Yoash-Gantz (VS)*, Andrea Lima (S)*, Tara Owens (T)*

 Members at large: Jeff Viscount, Erika Martin, Laura Calvin, Scott Higgins*, John Finney, Nicole Van Baelen*, CJ Jacquin*

 Introduction and welcome of new member at large member: CJ Jacquin of Cornelius

 Guests: Aaron Tucker, Planning Director for the Town of Cornelius*


  1. Bicycle plan – adopted 2017, needs implementation. Lack of DOT funding has delayed improvements. Town ordered 20 BMUFL signs, to be erected. Strategic “sharrows”, “Street Smarts” program on town website for reporting issues/hazards
  2. Greenway plan
  3. Higgins: Enforcement and education, article to be written in local paper

Approval of October 2020 meeting minutes  – Approved

Updates/Old business

Kevin, John – ICATS bus wrap: Confusion about design assistance from Bruce at ICATS.

Action: Nicole to call Bruce to clarify


Ruth drafted a donation letter, uploaded to Google Drive. Goals added during meeting

Ads on all modalities. Key: Community awareness.

Limit “in kind” sponsors and donations

Presence on towns’ social media accounts w/widespread announcements

Davidson News and other towns’ publications

Action: Everyone proof Ruth’s letter, offer edits/suggestions.

 10×10 tent final design – suggested color changes made

 McConnell – Next Mooresville Town Council/Board Meeting 1st week December. Topic ideas:

Further engage local law enforcement (LE) to assist with list dangerous areas list, response to signage, observe safety issues; budget meeting; re-engage planners; sign education for public; meet with town officials and LE together; request to put BMUFL signs where bike lanes exist; FAQ on Mooresville website; educate about increased number of bicyclists; street sweeping and restriping bike lanes; contacting LE on bikes; small Zoom meeting with LE contacts

 Nicole – Yard Signs – dropped off on 115 at driver’s school, some with John. May have an update  on Nascar video. CJ reports sign at Spirited Cyclist has had good feedback

Action: Nicole to contact Davidson about press release

Action: Andrea – owner Trek Charlotte, Doug

 Ruth – BOD Insurance – Retail insurance companies do not write this type of policy

Action: Kevin to contact company he uses for MAC ($475 annually)

Action: Ruth, Higgins find other vendors for quotes

 Tara – Current balance $239, minus fees from PayPal. She has spreadsheet to track funds

 Andrea – Requesting contact info from all who attend meetings and guests, add to centralized database, edited and updated independently. Slack ‘channel’ added

 Group – Community Awareness:

Higgins – Involve bike shops to put SAFE logo on their jerseys, stickers in shop windows; custom kits/jerseys made for SAFE; yard signs

Action: CJ to speak with John Finney and/or other owners of Spirited, work with marketing person to collaborate with SAFE

Action: Nicole to speak with Davidson Area Running Club, speak with Dave Munger

Action: Kevin, speak with Jaime at Charlotte Running Co.

Action: Andrea speak with Doug owner of Trek Charlotte

Action: Scott Higgins contact Sargent Sarver (sp?) for colleague/contact in Mooresville, keep him engaged

Campaign – brainstorm, like “click it or ticket”

 New Business/Tabled Topics

Slack app – reviewed, allow others, including guests, access to share and edit  info

Zoom account – Donated by Kevin. Jeff willing to donate in exchange for putting his “Weekly Rides” onto SAFE social media pages.  

Sponsorship’s: Guidelines should be in writing. Goal: by the time group rides resume in 2021.

Blog update (remove from agenda)

List of local bike clubs – needed

Accounting supplies needed (file folders, file box, etc.)

Research grants with Kevin

Erika – Stewart Basham instrumental in getting BMUFL signs in Mooresville. To verify he is over Zone 9/Davidson and if he covers Cornelius


Meeting Adjournment: 8:50pm

Next meeting: Wednesday December 16, 7:00 – 8:30


October 2020

Meeting Minutes – Final with Edits

Date Wednesday, 10/21/2020, 7 PM EDT – 8:30 PM


Call meeting to order: The regular meeting of the SAFE Committee was called to order at 7:15pm on Google Drive by Kevin Elder


SAFE Board members: Kevin Elder, Nicole Van Baelen, Tara Owens, Scott McConnell, Erika Galloway Martin,  Ruth Yoash-Gantz, Andrea Lima

SAFE Members at large: Jeff Viscount, Erika Martin, Laura Calvin, Scott Higgins, John Finney

Guests: None

Introduction and welcome of new Board members: Tara – Treasurer, Andrea – Secretary

Approval of September 2020 meeting minutes  – Approved

Open Items

Kevin, John 

Update on ICATS bus wrap – Kevin presented idea, brainstorming and feedback offered. 

ICATS has designer, Bruce (contact). Provide ideas, they can generate design options.

URGENT NEED FOR IDEAS –submit to Nicole who will work with Bruce

SAFE is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Funding sources for ads: Grants, local businesses, charity rides, Davidson’s Fondo, Bike Walk NC, SAFE memberships and yard signs, corporations (Trek, Specialized), League of American Bicyclists, People for Bikes, car dealerships, hospital systems, ad at DMV, I-77 billboard.

Action: Ruth draft letter, research grants with Kevin

Scott M 

October Mooresville Town Meeting – Thanked for expediency and embracing new BMUFL signs, will send thank you note/card

Action: Erika to verify Stewart Basham, NCDOT division engineer, slbasham@ncdot.gov, verify he is over Zone 9/Davidson and if he covers Cornelius?


New BB&T bank account, balance $200.00, donated by Mooresville Area Cyclists, Inc. 

Online tax form – 990 or 990 EZ, to be updated by May 2021

SAFE PayPal account: Kevin@safelkn.com

Transfer funds via Zelle


Located STR signs in Mooresville?  Add to Google Docs list or notify Erika


Update on yard signs: Need to sell remaining 23 signs. Driving school on 115 agreed to place one. Ask local bike shops, John at group rides, advertise on social media pages

Action: Andrea to ask Trek Mooresville owner 

Other updates

CJ (Charles) Jacquin of Cornelius, to join group as at-large member

New Business 

Team   Anonymous sponsor donated 10×10 tent, pending final design

BOD insurance, pricing at McKays, State Farm (Ruth), see if can be donated

Open Discussion

Nicole to contact Davidson about press release

Scott Higgins: Define process to get signs up in Mooresville. Challenges in Cornelius. Refer to  October progress report on the SAFE webpage for written response from Cornelius Planner regarding his plan for improving bicycle safety.

Zoom account information from Jeff Viscount for subsequent meetings

Minutes to be emailed to each member

Agenda for Next Meeting/Tabled Topics

Researching ad costs: Facebook, TV, radio

Discuss topics for November town meeting

Update on account tracking method to be used (Excel?)

Blog update

List of local bike clubs

Accounting supplies needed (file folders, file box, etc.)

Meeting Close/Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 8:56pm by Kevin Elder. Next meeting will be 7:00pm, Wednesday 11/18/2020 via Zoom. Goal: 3rd Wed every month, 7pm. Dec 16 would be next

Minutes submitted by:Andrea Lima
Approved by:Name

September 2020

SAFE Meeting – September 21, 2020

Meeting called to order at 6:40

Board members present: Kevin Elder, Scott McConnell, Nicole Van Baelen
Members at large present: Erika Martin, Scott Higgins
Guests present: Ron Shoultz (ICATS)

August meeting minutes: Approved


  • Story for Livable Meck
  • See about getting the ICATS bus wrap rolling again
  • Contact Brad Johnson about which bus route we can use


  • Have everyone come up with ideas for places to place signs purchased.

Scott H:

  • Continues to work with Cornelius on sign placement
  • Need to reiterate pledge with cycling groups


  • Bike plan funding coming in September
  • May Use Full Lane signs – making progress
  • CRTPO working on funding existing projects

Scott M

  • Putting together (3) minute presentation for October 5th Mooresville City Council mtg.
  • Putting signs out at intersections in Mooresville
  • Talking to someone about Treasurer

Meeting Adjourned: 7:40

August 2020

Start time of meeting: 6:40PM


In attendance: Kevin Elder, Ruth Yoash-Gantz, Erika Martin, Laura Calvin, Nicole VanBaelen, Scott Higgins. 


Approval of previous meeting minutes: Approved with correction: Nicole was present at the 6/1/2020 meeting.


Agenda Items:

  1. NASCAR video. Nicole: no update from Eric yet. Things hectic with NASCAR so haven’t gotten the video.  
  2. NASCAR driving classes. Nicole: classes are virtual now. Woman sent Nicole video of classes and Nicole may try to make a video or send us a proposal for making a video.
  3. Quote for signs. Nicole: Price for 5 ($23.00/sign, plus stakes and shipping), 10 ($14.74/sign), 25 ($7.37/sign),and 50 signs ($5.74/sign). Signs are made of corrugated PVC. Nicole sent us a picture. She will buy 25 signs. Stakes $.91 per. Kevin has a bunch of stakes for MAC and we could use those. Discussed price to sell the signs at $20. Advertise them on the FB page, through MAC and other sites. 
  4. Davidson Liveability Board. Scott: some of the committees have been disbanded. Will check with Jane about this. 
  5. Update on Cornelius. Scott: working with the Town of Cornelius and Police Department regarding education, enforcement, signage and infrastructure. Ran into snags with DOT. Education component will be done through social media blitz. Other change was in signage. Scott helped identify 8 hazardous sites in Cornelius for cyclists and met with Transportation Advisory Board to ensure that cyclists are included in TAB. Had a special meeting with Town Manager, Town Planner, Mayor Pro-Tem and Law Enforcement regarding where to put the signs. Conrnelius Signage monies will be an amendment to the 2021 budget.
  6. Police locating speeders. Scott: met with police re: sites to locate speeders affecting cyclists and educating young officers about the importance of this. 
  7. Safety issues with COVID and runners/cyclists. Nicole: safety issues with walkers and runners jumping on the road due to social distancing and causing cyclists to crash. Scott added that this is the same issue on Jetton Rd. Passengers in parked cars and opening doors into cyclist traffic is another issue raised by Scott, who stopped and educated the woman. Nicole added that she has educated cyclists as well. We all agreed that it is difficult to educate some cyclists. Ruth added that this may improve when group rides and club rides resume again after pandemic. There will be improved cohesion. 
  8. Status of non-profit. Kevin: We submitted the application but got push-back because they interpreted one response as us persuading government officials. They were concerned that we were lobbyists. Kevin re-wrote the response to indicate that our efforts are to educate, not persuade. Kevin then received word that the application was being submitted for 501c3 status. So now waiting for the IRS to approve it. 
  9. Town of Mooresville handouts. Erika: Shared that Town of Mooresville has a new handout that Mooresville Police Department will use. “Mind your Ps and Qs” concept. Similar campaign for elementary school children. 
  10. Mooresville signage and NC COT. Erika: Still trying to get signs. Kathy Meadows has been pushing to get those made. She is continuing to push NC DOT. They have to approve the exact location. Scott added that he is dealing with the same in Cornelius re: NC DOT. Approval, money and delay are the issues. NC DOT panelist was negative toward Scott regarding signage. NC DOT has no money and despite Cornelius having $3m in approved projects, there is no money from NC DOT to complete the projects. Erika agreed regarding same issues in Mooresville. 
  11. Town Monies. Scott: towns do have “some” monies for sidewalks, etc. 
  12. Local Town police department meetings.  Scott: would like to get all the police departments together for a discussion. Ruth suggested we wait until we can do in-person. 
  13. SAFE presence. Scott: we need to push that SAFE is for all the towns. Kevin added that we need to keep the FB SAFE page more active. 
  14. Greenway signage. Scott: put a sign out on the greenway. Got the attention of others. 



June 2020

Start time of meeting: Meeting called to order at 6:06PM via Webex meeting facilitated by Kevin Elder, President and Ruth Yoash-Gantz, 2nd Secretary.



Erika Martin 

Kevin Elder 

Ruth Yoash-Gantz 

Laura Calvin 

Scott McConnell 

John Finney

Scott Higgins

Nicole VanBaelen


Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the March 8, 2020 meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Agenda Items:

  1. JP resigned from the Committee. He was Treasurer. Kevin stated we need to refill the position. Nicole asked why he resigned. Kevin stated that JP said he had nothing to offer at this time. Position remains open.
  2. To access Google Drive: log in to Drive.google.com, use your Google creds, click on Shared folder and should be able to see all files in the shared folder. Kevin will assist if needed.
  3. Weeds at intersection of greenways: NC DOT is responsible but understaffed due to COVID-19. 
    1. John proposed several of us taking weed-eaters to cut the tall grasses at Rocky River Road Greenway entrance.  
    2. John F will call the Herald for news coverage and will let us know the date/time. 
    3. Scott H:  used weed-eater on the Antiquity Greenway entrance. 
  4. Signage
    1. Kevin suggested that we request more signage for the Rocky River Road Greenway entrance. Scott H mentioned he can address such things in Cornelius and recommended we contact Davidson authorities to have increased signage. Issue was tabled until things settle down from COVID and NC DOT employees have returned to work in full force.
    2. Scott H: we need to continue adding pressure/voice to towns for more (road) signage. 
    3. Erika discussed Iredell Co. signage efforts. Suggested prioritizing specific roadways within each district. Committee mentioned Shearer Road, Hwy 115, Bailey Road, Presbyterian Church Road, Rocky River Road, Linwood/Deal Road, Johnson Dairy Road, Patterson Farm Road. Erika will work on those that are in Iredell County. Scott H will work on those in Meck County. 
      1. Late entry: Erika said DOT out of money. 
  5. Update on 501c3 status: Kevin will arrange for Ruth and Scott M to do a Zoom to brainstorm and complete the application within a week from the meeting. Scott H requested that the details of the application be sent to the full committee so that we all present consistent information in our meetings with various agencies.
  6. Presentation to Town of Davidson Board with Jane Cacchione. 
    1. Jane serves on Liveability Board for TOD and spoke with Chief Dunn. Invited SAFE to come in and talk about SAFE committee and goals, perhaps to potentially help SAFE. This was pre-COVID. Now, they have rescheduled for June 17. 
    2. Nicole and Kevin volunteered to help prepare presentation for June 17. Ruth:  would be helpful to complete the 501c3 app so that the presentation to the Liveability Board is consistent with the application’s stated goals. 
    3. Scott H: Ann’s article on WeeklyRides and the increase in cycling and pedestrians the past few months. Suggested we include some stats in our presentations to local agencies. 60-70% increase in ridership past few months. 
    4. John: Bicycle sales for recreation are 3-4X higher than several months ago. Manufacturers cannot maintain supply. Increased use of all Greenways/sidewalks with runners, peds. 
    5. Erika: Strava has heat maps showing use. But, not for free version.
  7. Unfinished Business
    1. Nicole: Video of Aric Almirola. He sent the video and asked if we wanted modifications for text. First version looked good. 
    2. Nicole: Melisa reached out regarding cancellation of Poker Ride and wondered if SAFE could do other activities for Ada Jenkins. 
      1. Would be good for SAFE to be involved in this effort to get our name out more. Ex: food drive/cash donations during local shop rides. Build partnership, bring cycling community together. Nicole will take the lead on it.  
      2. Potential for Virtual Ride at time of usual Mac Poker ride. Have T-shirts advertising SAFE but with contributions from local bike shops. All proceeds to Ada Jenkins.
    3. Scott H mentioned need for clear identity that will focus us.


Next meeting: July 7@7PM.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:55PM.

May 2020


The regular meeting of SAFE was called to order at 6:06 pm on May 4, 2020 via Microsoft team meeting facilitated by Kevin Elder, President and Jennifer Senos, Secretary 


Scott McConnell

Ruth Yoash-Gantz

Kevin Elder

Nicole Van Baelen

Jenn Senos

Erika Martin

Jason Happe

Laura Calvin


Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the April 5, 2020 meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues


  1.  501(c) – Non Profit application 
    1. Ruth and Kevin will work on looking over the full application and coming up with items/goals that are not mentioned in our mission statement.  
    2. They will set up a separate meeting soon to get the application finished.  
    3. Ruth looked over some of the data and feels like in order to get everything done correctly she will need to look over what Kevin did so far. 
    4. IRS needs and wants specifics when it comes to what the non profit is working on.  Brainstorming and getting this done correctly is very important  
  2. Ride of Silence 
    1. Kevin mentioned that Jeff V.’s Ride of Silence is going to happen.
    2. Laura said it was going to happen but the details are yet to be established.  
    3. We should support his ride in whatever way we can.
    4. Our ride has been canceled for this year but Nicole mentioned that maybe we could do solo rides or small group ride and have something pinned to our jersey’s that represent the Ride of Silence.  
    5. Even solo rides can make a big impact on honoring the individuals that have been killed or injured.  
    6. We have a lot in place for next year with the support of the Huntersville Police and local restaurants.
  3.  Other business
    1. Nicole mentioned that Race teams are starting back up and that we will be able to contact them in regards to doing the video soon.
    2. Kevin decided to start the MAC rides up soon (Mid May).  He did his research on when other area cycling groups were starting back up.  There will be rules. Small groups and social distancing while riding.
    3. Jason H. said that he would most likely follow in Kevin’s footsteps and start the Cornelius Drafthouse rides up soon.
    4. Erika mentioned that she submitted the proposal for new signage for the Town of Mooresville.  She put in for 14 new signs.  



Agenda for Next Meeting please submit by the end of May  

Next meeting is scheduled for June 1, 2020 6pm via Microsoft team meeting online



Meeting was adjourned at 6:32 pm by Kevin Elder, President .  

Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Senos
Approved by:Name

April 2020


The regular meeting of SAFE was called to order at 4:41 pm on April 5, 2020 via Webex meeting facilitated by Kevin Elder, President and Jennifer Senos, Secretary 


Scott McConnell

Ruth Yoash-Gantz

Scott Higgins

Kevin Elder

Nicole Van Baelen

Jenn Senos

Erika Martin

JP Riou

Laura Calvin

Richard Kirkman

Ann Groninger

Will Washam

Brad Johnson


Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the March 8, 2020 meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues /Unfinished Business 

  1. Nonprofit update (Kevin)
    1. Legal Zoom docs are in the process of being completed
    2. We need to put together a detailed list of our goals and plans for the group to submit  
    3. Detailed list is more than our mission statement, more involved, may need to put together a small group
    4. Funding for the nonprofit is already done.
  2.  Bus Wrap
    1. Not much of an update due to everything shutting down due to Covid-19
    2. We still need to work on a Slogan (Will has agreed to help with that)
    3. We still need to make sure the sponsor is still able to donate the funds for the wrap.
    4. Right now the sponsor is paying for the first wrap.  We will have to do some fundraising to get additional wraps.
  3. Partnership with Livable Meck (Kevin / Nicole)
    1. Kevin mentioned that he had a phone call with them and that it would be a great idea for Liveable Meck to do a spotlight on the group and what we are doing. It would allow us to get our name and mission out in the public.
    2. Scott H. asked that when Kevin and Nicole speak with them again, we need to find out if they are working with anyone else that has similar ideas as we do and how this would play in how we are reaching out to the community. 
  4. Video (Nicole)
    1. Due to Covid, there really isn’t much going on.
    2. Nicole mentioned the video to Thomas Lanahan (Videographer).  He wasn’t sure as of today due to the lack of work during the virus.  
    3. We all agree the video needs to have some well know people example: Nascar drivers to help us promote what our mission is.
    4. Nicole was nice enough to share the video to the group that she was using for promoting our mission.
  5. Yellow Vests / House Signs
    1. Nicole contacted Ben Baker and we do have options in regards to vests and other visibility items
    2. Nicole spoke with Jeff V. person he uses for the signs.  Right now the cost is better then we previously noted.  But right now this is all on hold.  We will need to do some fundraising for these items.  
  6. Driving School – Everything is on hold right now.
  7. Pledge
    1. Scott H. has handed it to Cornelius drafthouse and D9 groups.
    2. Kevin plans to post it on the MAC page.
  8. Ride of Silence (Laura/Nicole)
    1. Everything is on hold.  Ride of silence will most likely not take place. 
    2. Location and route was mapped out with the Town of Huntersville
    3. Looking at options on what we can do
    4. Virtual ride (which will not make sense) because the point is that cyclist are visible and are on the roads.
    5. Maybe do a charity ride?




  1. Clearing of signs on roads
  2. No police meeting due to Covid
  3. Town Council meetings taking place?
    1. Scott H. mentioned that Cornelis are having their meeting remotely.  
    2. Funding may be stalled due to the Covid 19 crisis.
    3. There will most likely be a Pre/Post Covid 19 budget
    4. We still need to make sure that Government officials know that the bike safety is still very important which means during this hard time we need to make sure we are not forgotten. 
    5. Ground work needs and can be done NOW!



New Business


  1. Membership into the group?
    1. Richard K. Asked about if we had membership options outside of the members that are part of this group now?
    2. It would be great to have other community members ex:Local Government, Bike Groups, Local bike shops etc.  When we speak to larger groups of people having other members will give us a leg up.  
    3. Public membership would be beneficial.  We could do a $20 fee with an option to donate more.  
    4. Membership for the group should be for all types, for example, including runners and walkers.  
    5. Advertise to all people
  2. We need to start looking into fundraising and grant options.  Examples would be People for Bikes etc. 
  3. Mooresville Bike Plan (Erika)
    1. Bike plan approved
    2. We are in the process of identifying our goals
    3. Safety campaign – Distracted Drivers


Agenda for Next Meeting – Date TBD




Meeting was adjourned at 6:08 pm by Kevin Elder, President . The next general meeting will be determined at a future date


Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Senos
Approved by:Name

March 2020


The regular meeting of SAFE was called to order at 4:35 pm on March 8, 2020 at Waterbean Coffee, facilitated by Kevin Elder, President.


Scott McConnell

Ruth Yoash-Gantz

Scott Higgins

Kevin Elder

Nicole Van Baelen

Jenn Senos

Jeff Viscount

JP Riou


Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the February 8, 2020 meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues /Unfinished Business 

Unfinished Business from last meeting February 9, 2020


Kevin- John F. Got a sponsor for the wrap on the back of an ICATS bus (runs in Mooresville) – Cost 1,000 –stays on bus until the bus goes out of commission


Advertisements will stay on for a few years.  Can change the wrap.  Pay for the new wrap and design only


Will Washam should be able to help us with what kind of message we want. 


  •     New Business: Think of what we want for a message on the bus


See if we could do busses that go through Davidson, Cornelius and Huntersville


Would need to do some fundraisers


Need to have some kind of separate website that goes on the advert. So we can track who is looking at the info. 


Which message was more effective?  Web traffic


  1.     LivableMeck (Kevin)
  2.     Scott sent an email a while back.   He never got a response back from the County Manager. 
  3.     They are excited to partner up with us.  Good opportunity to get our name out there.  Lots of eyes on their organization. No Cost.  A community partnership
  4.     Livable Meck is Vision Zero for Meck County.  Partner with different groups to get the word out on certain things.  They don’t know the priorities for other towns.  They have different areas they focus on and we would fall under Safety.
  5.     If we partner with them can they do a story on us?  Kevin said yes.
  6.     Scott M. Said the concept is very interesting.
  7.     Jeff good idea to get our name out there most likely will not lead to any money but its networking.  They have check boxes that they need to meet.
  8.     Enhancing the quality of life in the community.


  1.     Video update (JP)
  2.     Touch based with Travis Beam and Sean Kerlin
  3.     They really want to get Jimmy Johnson, John Hunter N,  Dale Earnhardt Jr
  4.     Joe Gibbs lots of guys ride. 
  5.     Nicole will ask Thomas Lanahan for video production
  6.     Safe passage
  7.     Double yellow line passing is legal in NC
  8.     Reach out of Terry at bike walk (Jeff)
  9.     Need donations (Bobby L video) was all donated
  10.       Jeff – should touch base with channels (work on the relationships now)
  11.       Ruth- Short PSA’s (15, 30 secs)
  12.     JP/Jeff- what do we want to talk about. Education – cyclist of the right to be on the road.  Dangers for riding on the sidewalk
  13.       Little slogans 


Drivers Ed- has changed a lot in regards to cycling.  (Brakes and Drive)


Build a model for presenting to drivers ed classes. 


  1.     Yellow Vests (Nicole) –
  2.     1 imprint – safe logo – 500 – $486
  3.     2 imprints – 500 – $560
  4.     Scott said people are just not interested. (Polite) confuses people
  5.     Jeff said it sounds expensive
  6.     Put on the back burner for not
  7.     Ben Baker – companies


Non Profit / Name Non Profit – Kevin

  •     Separate from Mac
  •     Go through Legal Zoom (400 vs 1500 for Lawyer)


House Signs ( Nicole)


-Postnet pretty expensive.

– Jeff (Victory) a little cheaper

-Signs could be a good fundraiser




Reaching out to the local cycling groups

Banner Ad (Jeff) will run for free for us

Weekly rides page (build out some landing pages)

Add donation link and meeting schedule for others to join.


D9 Swell Riders – Mondays

Cornelius Draft house – Wednesdays


Update from Erika – Please look at google doc for the update


Watch for me Program – has money to use (we should touch base with them)


Research previous videos – very important –


NCDOT Request- town of Mooresville is working on the request.  Putting up signs and meeting the requirements “May use full lane”.


Looking at the town maps to pick the roads that need these signs.


Update on the speed limit reduction on 115. Has not heard back yet.   This will be hard to get. 


Cornelius is focusing on “town” streets vs state.

DMV- Videos

         Only certain capabilities. 

         36 DMV’s – cost bracket for each one

         Only certain ones have time slots availability

         4 different videos is possible

Jeff – Too much going on – We need to focus on things that we can do. Meaning local engagement vs. trying to reach all the people in DMV


If we had a lot of sponsors and money this would be great but its too much right now. 


New Business


Secretary- Jenn – approved – Back up for Ruth

Community Liaison- Nicole – approved

Treasurer: JP – approved

President- Kevin – approved

VP – Jason and Scott M – approved 


Ruth- Charity ride’s around here we should have a booth to promote, sell items

Ruth will donate the money for the non profit.


Grant programs – for state and city (Ruth and Jenn)


Anything we need to farm out we should find a cyclist that does it.


Scott- Infrastructure report

         Law enforcement involved – police will be come to the first rides of the Cornelius bike groups


Agenda for Next Meeting


  •   Nonprofit update



Meeting was adjourned at 5:58pm by Kevin Elder, President . The next general meeting will take place at 4:30 on April 5, 2020


Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Senos
Approved by:Name