Meeting Minutes 

January 19, 2020


Kevin Elder, Laura Calvin, Nicole Van Baelen, Jennifer Senos, Jason Happe, Scott Higgins, John Finney, Erika Martin, Scott McConnell, JP Riou, Ann Groninger, Terry Lansdell

Purpose of the Meeting:  Cycling Safety Discussion

Identify Problems
Brainstorm Solutions
Assign action items

Meeting started at 5 pm in which we all introduced ourselves.

Key Point #1 – Safety of everyone, not just cyclists (walkers, runners, general public) 

Key point #2 – all about educating the public (law enforcement, Cyclists and general community)

  • Too many distracted drivers
  • Drivers do not change lanes when passing
  • DMV should find a way to have more cycling questions on the drivers test.
  • Get into Driver’s ed classes to present to teens as well as new drivers

Key Point #3 – Cyclists need to respect drivers and not overly aggressive

What we need to do:

  1. Improve infrastructure 
    1. More bike lanes, cycling tracks as well as better pedestrian walkways
    2. Petitions to improve the infrastructure and to help with cost 
  2. Attend City Council meetings to express our concerns 
    1. Advocate (which is very important)
  3. Educate the public with the bicycle laws and make sure the laws are enforced which requires law enforcement to understand the laws.

How this all can be done:

  1. Tell our story
  2. Avocate 
  3. Be present
  4. Build a relationship with law enforcement

*This is a general recap of what we discussed without getting into too much detail

Thank you!