February 2021

Call to order: 7:04 pm

Attendance (* Present)

Board members: Kevin Elder (P)*, Scott McConnell (VP)*,  Ruth Yoash-Gantz (VS)*, Andrea Lima (S)*, Tara Owens (T), Nicole Van Baelan* (Community Liaison)

Members at large (MAL): Jeff Viscount, Erika Martin*, Laura Calvin, Scott Higgins*, John Finney*, CJ Juaquin

Approval of November 2020 meeting minutes 7:06pm

Updates/Old business


Scott M. and Kevin attended Huntersville Greenway Trail and Bikeway Committee (GTBC ) meeting, agree with SAFE mission. Mayor voiced interest in SAFE.

  1. Get links to SAFE informational articles to contact Tracy.
  2. Emails to Statesville and Troutman but no response yet. John Finney volunteered to assist with contacts in Statesville.
  3. Nick Walsh, Huntersville commissioner and cyclist supportive
  4. Next: Speak with town planners to make recommendations to board. Dave Hill and Anthony Roberts, town planners.

BOD insurance – important to get done. Current company $450-500/year for MAC. Scott M. to speak with wife.

Ads on Facebook : Donor wants to pay to run ads for SAFE

Update SAFE website, more content.

  1. Info on signs: Use FAQ from town of Cornelius
  2. Links to articles in LKN area with more information, previously published notes from towns, place links on SLACK
  3. News of Davidson – weekly email
  4. Amanda Preston, public information officer (PIO) town of Davidson
  5. Update town planner list on SLACK

Scott H

Working on dangerous intersections

SAFE MAL CJ Juaquin appointed to Transportation Advisory Board in March

BOD insurance quote double what Keven has for MAC

Scott M

Focus on Denver, reach out to contacts

When is next Mooresville board of commissioner’s meeting?

John Finney – has contact at Blood, Sweat, and Gears in Denver


Reviewed, edited and approved sponsorship/donation letter

Create trifold brochure with SAFE information, letter, take to local businesses to solicit donations.

New SLACK channel for list of companies, SAFE members add names:

  • Autobody shops
  • Nascar
  • Headquarters, such as Lowes
  • Law groups
  • Gibbs Racing – Scott Higgins
  • Bike shops

Andrea – Street sweeper out on Brawley School Road during rain. Erika to contact town to see if can redo

Scott H:

  1. Update, meeting with the Town of Huntersville regarding the BMUFL sign
  2. Additional remote meeting with local law enforcement. Keep focused on specific topics. Send ideas to Andrea. Possible topics:
    1. Ann Groninger with Bike Law, local attorney specializes in bike crashes. Presentation regarding laws, kick off meeting for end of March 2021. SAFE to sponsor. Kevin to contact for availability.
      1. Pocket cards police carry, being sent to Kevin by Ann Groninger
      2. Training session for officers
    2. BMUFL signs – messaging/education for signs – Scott H.
    3. What things on town agenda/initiatives – Scott H.
    4. John – reach out to Hwy Patrol, manages the end of Brawley School Rd (BSR)
    5. Educate new officers due to turnover in departments
    6. COVID has increased nonmotorized street traffic, how to ensure continues after pandemic.
    7. Show police support SAFE. Erika to provide list of police officers who attended last SAFE meeting


Guests: None

 Tabled Topics

Bus ad

Donated tent

Advertisements at local DMV offices

Yard signs

Sponsorships: Guidelines should be in writing. Goal: by the time group rides resume in 2021.

Accounting supplies needed (file folders, file box)

Research grants

Erika – Stewart Basham, to verify he is over Zone 9/Davidson and if he covers Cornelius

Meeting Adjourned: 8:39pm

Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 17, 2021 7pm – 8:30pm