June 2020

Start time of meeting: Meeting called to order at 6:06PM via Webex meeting facilitated by Kevin Elder, President and Ruth Yoash-Gantz, 2nd Secretary.



Erika Martin 

Kevin Elder 

Ruth Yoash-Gantz 

Laura Calvin 

Scott McConnell 

John Finney

Scott Higgins

Nicole VanBaelen


Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the March 8, 2020 meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Agenda Items:

  1. JP resigned from the Committee. He was Treasurer. Kevin stated we need to refill the position. Nicole asked why he resigned. Kevin stated that JP said he had nothing to offer at this time. Position remains open.
  2. To access Google Drive: log in to Drive.google.com, use your Google creds, click on Shared folder and should be able to see all files in the shared folder. Kevin will assist if needed.
  3. Weeds at intersection of greenways: NC DOT is responsible but understaffed due to COVID-19. 
    1. John proposed several of us taking weed-eaters to cut the tall grasses at Rocky River Road Greenway entrance.  
    2. John F will call the Herald for news coverage and will let us know the date/time. 
    3. Scott H:  used weed-eater on the Antiquity Greenway entrance. 
  4. Signage
    1. Kevin suggested that we request more signage for the Rocky River Road Greenway entrance. Scott H mentioned he can address such things in Cornelius and recommended we contact Davidson authorities to have increased signage. Issue was tabled until things settle down from COVID and NC DOT employees have returned to work in full force.
    2. Scott H: we need to continue adding pressure/voice to towns for more (road) signage. 
    3. Erika discussed Iredell Co. signage efforts. Suggested prioritizing specific roadways within each district. Committee mentioned Shearer Road, Hwy 115, Bailey Road, Presbyterian Church Road, Rocky River Road, Linwood/Deal Road, Johnson Dairy Road, Patterson Farm Road. Erika will work on those that are in Iredell County. Scott H will work on those in Meck County. 
      1. Late entry: Erika said DOT out of money. 
  5. Update on 501c3 status: Kevin will arrange for Ruth and Scott M to do a Zoom to brainstorm and complete the application within a week from the meeting. Scott H requested that the details of the application be sent to the full committee so that we all present consistent information in our meetings with various agencies.
  6. Presentation to Town of Davidson Board with Jane Cacchione. 
    1. Jane serves on Liveability Board for TOD and spoke with Chief Dunn. Invited SAFE to come in and talk about SAFE committee and goals, perhaps to potentially help SAFE. This was pre-COVID. Now, they have rescheduled for June 17. 
    2. Nicole and Kevin volunteered to help prepare presentation for June 17. Ruth:  would be helpful to complete the 501c3 app so that the presentation to the Liveability Board is consistent with the application’s stated goals. 
    3. Scott H: Ann’s article on WeeklyRides and the increase in cycling and pedestrians the past few months. Suggested we include some stats in our presentations to local agencies. 60-70% increase in ridership past few months. 
    4. John: Bicycle sales for recreation are 3-4X higher than several months ago. Manufacturers cannot maintain supply. Increased use of all Greenways/sidewalks with runners, peds. 
    5. Erika: Strava has heat maps showing use. But, not for free version.
  7. Unfinished Business
    1. Nicole: Video of Aric Almirola. He sent the video and asked if we wanted modifications for text. First version looked good. 
    2. Nicole: Melisa reached out regarding cancellation of Poker Ride and wondered if SAFE could do other activities for Ada Jenkins. 
      1. Would be good for SAFE to be involved in this effort to get our name out more. Ex: food drive/cash donations during local shop rides. Build partnership, bring cycling community together. Nicole will take the lead on it.  
      2. Potential for Virtual Ride at time of usual Mac Poker ride. Have T-shirts advertising SAFE but with contributions from local bike shops. All proceeds to Ada Jenkins.
    3. Scott H mentioned need for clear identity that will focus us.


Next meeting: July 7@7PM.


Meeting Adjourned: 6:55PM.