June 2021

Call to Order: 7:33 pm

Present: Kevin Elder, Scott Higgins, Ruth Yoash-Gantz, Andrea Lima, Jeff Viscount, John Finney, Scott McConnell, Erika Martin, Nicole Van Baelan, Patricia Mukhtar

Andrea’s last meeting, moving to Albuquerque, NM August 2021

Patricia Mukhtar first meeting, taking over Treasurer position

Updates/Old business

  1. John Finney: QR code on table to solicit and obtain contributions
    1. Put QR on brochure, leads to website for more information, with easy button to ‘donate now’ or “How Can You Help?” page on SAFE website.
    2. Plastic stand-up displays, 5×7 or 8×10, wind resistant
    3. Stickers with website on paper backing, QR code on front
  2. Pamphlets – What is SAFE, what aiming to do, encourage donations, point people to website
    1. Committee to create pamphlet: Ruth and Nicole (has started)
    2. John Finney has sponsor for printing brochure.
    3. Goal: Respond to draft in 1 week.
    4. Pamphlets in local businesses
  3. Keep SAFE website updated,
    1. Allow public to sign up for blog updates from SAFE.
    2. Allow all board members to post blogs independently (Kevin). SAFE members will do the work for donations (blog content)
    3. Place to capture folks on website for donations using Pay Pal account
    4. In exchange, mention on FB or logo on SAFE website
    5. Scott Higgins, Scott McConnell and John Finney– suggest a more focused and specific goal statement, mission statement, accomplishments, define what money is used for, develop ‘elevator pitch’
    6. Jeff Viscount – keep simple, explain mission, trying to make roads safer for vulnerable users (bikes, pedestrian).
    7. Develop media for public education about bike and pedestrian safety in LKN area
    8. Advertising about BMUFL signs, awareness, stickers, pedestrian issues
    9. Link to FB page.
    10. Maintaining a steady stream of content is toughest part. Blogging is key: Good content, easy media, easy to share. Slack is place where can drop information/blogs/articles/accomplishments that members of SAFE write.
      1. BikewalkNC- provide regional support for state level, such as contributory negligence: A bill making stand-alone bike-ped projects affordable so towns can apply for them. A key source of content
      2. Ann’s website (ask her to share content)
      3. Scott Higgins about all he’s been doing in Cornelius, tell his story
    11. Wrap bus: Is sponsor still on board? Kevin to email contact and see if sponsor still on board to pay. What content to put on bus, what want to say, distilled tag line.
    12. Follow up on vandalized signs being fixed/cleaned or replaced
      1. Erika: Does town of Mooresville maintain signs? Can reach out for maintenance. One on Shearers Road, next to Smokey J’s BBQ
    13. Share the Road (STR) signs. Can they be replaced?
      1. Still on Brawley School Rd (BSR) near the Point.
      2. Both ways on Morrison Plantation (3 each way).
      3. No bike lanes on BSR after Chuckwood.
      4. STR signs on Langtree, but no bike lane there.
      5. Jeff Viscount mentioned confusion having 2 different signs, like with sharrows. BMUFL is the law. Consistency is key.
      6. Public works manager made decision to not replace STR with BMUFL. Wait to ‘push’ him since he is cooperating by putting up some signs. Add to Mooresville Bike Plan board, notifying Heather. Next meeting 22 July, public drop-in session. Sept/Oct end date for plan.


  1. Bank balance- 3 donations made. 2-$100, 1-$50. $478.97 balance.


  1. BOD insurance – Kevin emphasizing importance


Meeting Adjourned: 9:02 pm


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