Lights, Camera, Action



As a long-time cyclist there have been a few times I wish I would have had video of a close call or a confrontation with a motorist. Fortunately, for me personally, I haven’t had a lot of those and of those I have had, nothing major happened.

I did think it was important; however, to have video of my rides, so I purchased front and rear cameras for my bike. In addition to the hi-res cameras on each unit, they also have bright lights (white in front and red in back) to make me more visible to motorists.

It’s important that motorists know a large number of cyclists these days are recording their rides. When you pass a cyclist or a group of cyclists there’s a really good chance you’re being recorded by one or more cyclists in the group. 

Take the motorist in the attached photo for example. Passing on a double yellow line with oncoming traffic and endangering me and the other cyclists that were riding in our small group. The series of photos taken from the video that shows the license plate number as well as what happened will be given to the police department and they will be contacting this motorist. Let’s all try to be on our best behavior.