March 2020


The regular meeting of SAFE was called to order at 4:35 pm on March 8, 2020 at Waterbean Coffee, facilitated by Kevin Elder, President.


Scott McConnell

Ruth Yoash-Gantz

Scott Higgins

Kevin Elder

Nicole Van Baelen

Jenn Senos

Jeff Viscount

JP Riou


Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the February 8, 2020 meeting were unanimously approved as distributed.

Open Issues /Unfinished Business 

Unfinished Business from last meeting February 9, 2020


Kevin- John F. Got a sponsor for the wrap on the back of an ICATS bus (runs in Mooresville) – Cost 1,000 –stays on bus until the bus goes out of commission


Advertisements will stay on for a few years.  Can change the wrap.  Pay for the new wrap and design only


Will Washam should be able to help us with what kind of message we want. 


  •     New Business: Think of what we want for a message on the bus


See if we could do busses that go through Davidson, Cornelius and Huntersville


Would need to do some fundraisers


Need to have some kind of separate website that goes on the advert. So we can track who is looking at the info. 


Which message was more effective?  Web traffic


  1.     LivableMeck (Kevin)
  2.     Scott sent an email a while back.   He never got a response back from the County Manager. 
  3.     They are excited to partner up with us.  Good opportunity to get our name out there.  Lots of eyes on their organization. No Cost.  A community partnership
  4.     Livable Meck is Vision Zero for Meck County.  Partner with different groups to get the word out on certain things.  They don’t know the priorities for other towns.  They have different areas they focus on and we would fall under Safety.
  5.     If we partner with them can they do a story on us?  Kevin said yes.
  6.     Scott M. Said the concept is very interesting.
  7.     Jeff good idea to get our name out there most likely will not lead to any money but its networking.  They have check boxes that they need to meet.
  8.     Enhancing the quality of life in the community.


  1.     Video update (JP)
  2.     Touch based with Travis Beam and Sean Kerlin
  3.     They really want to get Jimmy Johnson, John Hunter N,  Dale Earnhardt Jr
  4.     Joe Gibbs lots of guys ride. 
  5.     Nicole will ask Thomas Lanahan for video production
  6.     Safe passage
  7.     Double yellow line passing is legal in NC
  8.     Reach out of Terry at bike walk (Jeff)
  9.     Need donations (Bobby L video) was all donated
  10.       Jeff – should touch base with channels (work on the relationships now)
  11.       Ruth- Short PSA’s (15, 30 secs)
  12.     JP/Jeff- what do we want to talk about. Education – cyclist of the right to be on the road.  Dangers for riding on the sidewalk
  13.       Little slogans 


Drivers Ed- has changed a lot in regards to cycling.  (Brakes and Drive)


Build a model for presenting to drivers ed classes. 


  1.     Yellow Vests (Nicole) –
  2.     1 imprint – safe logo – 500 – $486
  3.     2 imprints – 500 – $560
  4.     Scott said people are just not interested. (Polite) confuses people
  5.     Jeff said it sounds expensive
  6.     Put on the back burner for not
  7.     Ben Baker – companies


Non Profit / Name Non Profit – Kevin

  •     Separate from Mac
  •     Go through Legal Zoom (400 vs 1500 for Lawyer)


House Signs ( Nicole)


-Postnet pretty expensive.

– Jeff (Victory) a little cheaper

-Signs could be a good fundraiser




Reaching out to the local cycling groups

Banner Ad (Jeff) will run for free for us

Weekly rides page (build out some landing pages)

Add donation link and meeting schedule for others to join.


D9 Swell Riders – Mondays

Cornelius Draft house – Wednesdays


Update from Erika – Please look at google doc for the update


Watch for me Program – has money to use (we should touch base with them)


Research previous videos – very important –


NCDOT Request- town of Mooresville is working on the request.  Putting up signs and meeting the requirements “May use full lane”.


Looking at the town maps to pick the roads that need these signs.


Update on the speed limit reduction on 115. Has not heard back yet.   This will be hard to get. 


Cornelius is focusing on “town” streets vs state.

DMV- Videos

         Only certain capabilities. 

         36 DMV’s – cost bracket for each one

         Only certain ones have time slots availability

         4 different videos is possible

Jeff – Too much going on – We need to focus on things that we can do. Meaning local engagement vs. trying to reach all the people in DMV


If we had a lot of sponsors and money this would be great but its too much right now. 


New Business


Secretary- Jenn – approved – Back up for Ruth

Community Liaison- Nicole – approved

Treasurer: JP – approved

President- Kevin – approved

VP – Jason and Scott M – approved 


Ruth- Charity ride’s around here we should have a booth to promote, sell items

Ruth will donate the money for the non profit.


Grant programs – for state and city (Ruth and Jenn)


Anything we need to farm out we should find a cyclist that does it.


Scott- Infrastructure report

         Law enforcement involved – police will be come to the first rides of the Cornelius bike groups


Agenda for Next Meeting


  •   Nonprofit update



Meeting was adjourned at 5:58pm by Kevin Elder, President . The next general meeting will take place at 4:30 on April 5, 2020


Minutes submitted by: Jennifer Senos
Approved by:Name