November 2020


Minute Meeting Minutes: Wednesday 11/18/2020 via Zoom

 Call to order @ 7:07 pm

 Attendance (*Present)

Board members: Kevin Elder (P)*, Scott McConnell (VP)*, Ruth Yoash-Gantz (VS)*, Andrea Lima (S)*, Tara Owens (T)*

 Members at large: Jeff Viscount, Erika Martin, Laura Calvin, Scott Higgins*, John Finney, Nicole Van Baelen*, CJ Jacquin*

 Introduction and welcome of new member at large member: CJ Jacquin of Cornelius

 Guests: Aaron Tucker, Planning Director for the Town of Cornelius*


  1. Bicycle plan – adopted 2017, needs implementation. Lack of DOT funding has delayed improvements. Town ordered 20 BMUFL signs, to be erected. Strategic “sharrows”, “Street Smarts” program on town website for reporting issues/hazards
  2. Greenway plan
  3. Higgins: Enforcement and education, article to be written in local paper

Approval of October 2020 meeting minutes  – Approved

Updates/Old business

Kevin, John – ICATS bus wrap: Confusion about design assistance from Bruce at ICATS.

Action: Nicole to call Bruce to clarify


Ruth drafted a donation letter, uploaded to Google Drive. Goals added during meeting

Ads on all modalities. Key: Community awareness.

Limit “in kind” sponsors and donations

Presence on towns’ social media accounts w/widespread announcements

Davidson News and other towns’ publications

Action: Everyone proof Ruth’s letter, offer edits/suggestions.

 10×10 tent final design – suggested color changes made

 McConnell – Next Mooresville Town Council/Board Meeting 1st week December. Topic ideas:

Further engage local law enforcement (LE) to assist with list dangerous areas list, response to signage, observe safety issues; budget meeting; re-engage planners; sign education for public; meet with town officials and LE together; request to put BMUFL signs where bike lanes exist; FAQ on Mooresville website; educate about increased number of bicyclists; street sweeping and restriping bike lanes; contacting LE on bikes; small Zoom meeting with LE contacts

 Nicole – Yard Signs – dropped off on 115 at driver’s school, some with John. May have an update  on Nascar video. CJ reports sign at Spirited Cyclist has had good feedback

Action: Nicole to contact Davidson about press release

Action: Andrea – owner Trek Charlotte, Doug

 Ruth – BOD Insurance – Retail insurance companies do not write this type of policy

Action: Kevin to contact company he uses for MAC ($475 annually)

Action: Ruth, Higgins find other vendors for quotes

 Tara – Current balance $239, minus fees from PayPal. She has spreadsheet to track funds

 Andrea – Requesting contact info from all who attend meetings and guests, add to centralized database, edited and updated independently. Slack ‘channel’ added

 Group – Community Awareness:

Higgins – Involve bike shops to put SAFE logo on their jerseys, stickers in shop windows; custom kits/jerseys made for SAFE; yard signs

Action: CJ to speak with John Finney and/or other owners of Spirited, work with marketing person to collaborate with SAFE

Action: Nicole to speak with Davidson Area Running Club, speak with Dave Munger

Action: Kevin, speak with Jaime at Charlotte Running Co.

Action: Andrea speak with Doug owner of Trek Charlotte

Action: Scott Higgins contact Sargent Sarver (sp?) for colleague/contact in Mooresville, keep him engaged

Campaign – brainstorm, like “click it or ticket”

 New Business/Tabled Topics

Slack app – reviewed, allow others, including guests, access to share and edit  info

Zoom account – Donated by Kevin. Jeff willing to donate in exchange for putting his “Weekly Rides” onto SAFE social media pages.  

Sponsorship’s: Guidelines should be in writing. Goal: by the time group rides resume in 2021.

Blog update (remove from agenda)

List of local bike clubs – needed

Accounting supplies needed (file folders, file box, etc.)

Research grants with Kevin

Erika – Stewart Basham instrumental in getting BMUFL signs in Mooresville. To verify he is over Zone 9/Davidson and if he covers Cornelius


Meeting Adjournment: 8:50pm

Next meeting: Wednesday December 16, 7:00 – 8:30