October 2020

Meeting Minutes – Final with Edits

Date Wednesday, 10/21/2020, 7 PM EDT – 8:30 PM


Call meeting to order: The regular meeting of the SAFE Committee was called to order at 7:15pm on Google Drive by Kevin Elder


SAFE Board members: Kevin Elder, Nicole Van Baelen, Tara Owens, Scott McConnell, Erika Galloway Martin,  Ruth Yoash-Gantz, Andrea Lima

SAFE Members at large: Jeff Viscount, Erika Martin, Laura Calvin, Scott Higgins, John Finney

Guests: None

Introduction and welcome of new Board members: Tara – Treasurer, Andrea – Secretary

Approval of September 2020 meeting minutes  – Approved

Open Items

Kevin, John 

Update on ICATS bus wrap – Kevin presented idea, brainstorming and feedback offered. 

ICATS has designer, Bruce (contact). Provide ideas, they can generate design options.

URGENT NEED FOR IDEAS –submit to Nicole who will work with Bruce

SAFE is now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. Funding sources for ads: Grants, local businesses, charity rides, Davidson’s Fondo, Bike Walk NC, SAFE memberships and yard signs, corporations (Trek, Specialized), League of American Bicyclists, People for Bikes, car dealerships, hospital systems, ad at DMV, I-77 billboard.

Action: Ruth draft letter, research grants with Kevin

Scott M 

October Mooresville Town Meeting – Thanked for expediency and embracing new BMUFL signs, will send thank you note/card

Action: Erika to verify Stewart Basham, NCDOT division engineer, slbasham@ncdot.gov, verify he is over Zone 9/Davidson and if he covers Cornelius?


New BB&T bank account, balance $200.00, donated by Mooresville Area Cyclists, Inc. 

Online tax form – 990 or 990 EZ, to be updated by May 2021

SAFE PayPal account: Kevin@safelkn.com

Transfer funds via Zelle


Located STR signs in Mooresville?  Add to Google Docs list or notify Erika


Update on yard signs: Need to sell remaining 23 signs. Driving school on 115 agreed to place one. Ask local bike shops, John at group rides, advertise on social media pages

Action: Andrea to ask Trek Mooresville owner 

Other updates

CJ (Charles) Jacquin of Cornelius, to join group as at-large member

New Business 

Team   Anonymous sponsor donated 10×10 tent, pending final design

BOD insurance, pricing at McKays, State Farm (Ruth), see if can be donated

Open Discussion

Nicole to contact Davidson about press release

Scott Higgins: Define process to get signs up in Mooresville. Challenges in Cornelius. Refer to  October progress report on the SAFE webpage for written response from Cornelius Planner regarding his plan for improving bicycle safety.

Zoom account information from Jeff Viscount for subsequent meetings

Minutes to be emailed to each member

Agenda for Next Meeting/Tabled Topics

Researching ad costs: Facebook, TV, radio

Discuss topics for November town meeting

Update on account tracking method to be used (Excel?)

Blog update

List of local bike clubs

Accounting supplies needed (file folders, file box, etc.)

Meeting Close/Adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 8:56pm by Kevin Elder. Next meeting will be 7:00pm, Wednesday 11/18/2020 via Zoom. Goal: 3rd Wed every month, 7pm. Dec 16 would be next

Minutes submitted by:Andrea Lima
Approved by:Name