SAFE Members Restore Vandalized Sign



On Saturday Afternoon, Oct. 9th – Members of the Lake Norman Area group, Street Access For Everyone (SAFE) were able to restore a BMUFL sign which had been vandalized…..for the second time. The damage was reported to SAFE on Oct. 6th by a local cyclist.

The Bikes May Use Full Lane (BMUFL) sign is located at the intersection of Grey Rd. & Shearers Rd across from Abersham park. 

The vandal(s) used a can of black spray paint with intent to cover up the signs message.

The sign had been vandalized once before only 3 months prior.  That sign was replaced by the Town of Mooresville. In attempt to save the town time, material and labor SAFE members wanted to experiment with a bottle of Goo Gone Graffiti remover. Upon arrival, a paint can lid was noticed lying on the ground next to the sign, and a phone call was placed to the Iredell county Sheriff’s office. A deputy came out to take pictures and examine the evidence for prints.

Thankfully there are more good people than bad in the world. The sign was cleaned of graffiti and once again serves it’s intended message. Thanks to SAFE, a bottle of Goo Gone, and a little elbow grease by a couple of Spirited Cyclist employees.

A Word to the vandal(s). If you are going to commit a crime by destroying state owned property, perhaps you should do a better job of cleaning up your evidence next time.